• Imagine if your business teams were more self-managed and collaborative...

    How much faster could your business grow??

    • 86% of employees and executives report that workplace failures are due to a lack of effective collaboration

      (Source: Salesforce)

    • 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project

      (Source: McKinsey)

    • 1 in 3 employees report that effective collaboration makes them more loyal

      (Source: The Economist)


    About Michael

    With 30+ years of collaborative leadership experience, Michael serves as a coach, strategist, mentor and consultant to Founders, Executives, and Small Business Owners.

    His work delivers the kinds of transformational approach that turns companies into highly productive, highly collaborative, and highly resilient, self-managed teams that grow fast and feel more rewarded.


    Michael has led 90+ collaborative multi-stakeholder projects, developed over 400+ strategic project plans, enjoyed 19 Board appointments, and 228+ leadership and business development workshops.



    What others are saying...

  • Kat Gordienko

    CEO Maiven

    "Michael is a fearless leader who holds his work, productivity and ethics to the highest standards. His contributions and out-of-the-box thinking are invaluable assets to any group or company."

    Bill Silverman

    CEO Springboard

    "Michael and the Symbeosis team have spent years researching how teams best create and implement innovative solutions to difficult problems. It’s impressive. The result: Higher performing teams that produce great results.

    Justin Livingston

    CEO Mentor Hub

    "Michael has a unique capacity to bring both empathy and brilliance in service to growing powerfully effective leaders. I’ve seen few people with his unique set of talents. He is an outstanding example of servant leadership."


    "I don’t know how he does it. A special kind of magic exists in Michael. He somehow makes my strategy and leadership smarter."

    Susan Jones

    Susie Q Solutions

    "Michael was able to give me a 30,000-foot view of my business so I could see where I was getting stuck. This allowed me to pursue avenues I had not considered. He is brilliant at chunking things down and putting them into perspective."

    Susan Liddy

    Director of Coaching

    "Michael is bar-none one of the best there is. I highly recommend Michael for any business owner who wants a super smart coach, with a keen mind for strategy, and the commitment to success that Michael brings to the table."

    Julien Luca

    CEO, Trava Travel

    "Michael is an outstanding professional and an amazing person. He is extremely intelligent and has a great depth of knowledge across business, leadership and in many other fields."


    "Michael has a special knack for helping people make the mindset shift from manager to leader."

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