• Your Executive Nature

    Develop leadership excellence

    with less struggle, stress or doubt

  • Your Executive Nature is the practice of showing up as an aligned and authentic leader in service to others

    When you are in touch with your Executive Nature, your mindset, behaviors and habits are effortlessly aligned in service to your team, clients, partners, investors and collaborators. The result is a high-performing team, serving a high-performing business with highly satisfied customers, investors and partners, all with less struggle, less stress and less doubt.

  • We evolve as leaders NOT by what we learn,

    but by what we do and how we show up

  • Why Nurture Your Leadership Skills, Behaviors and Mindset

    It’s pretty simple actually. If you want to grow professionally, if you want your business to grow, and if you want to struggle less as a manager or leader, then developing more mastery in leadership is a no-brainer.


    Here are just a few of the signals that you may be ready to up-level your leadership:

    • Spending most your time putting out fires?
    • Trapped in cycles of ineffective delegation?
    • Working hard but not growing at the pace you want?
    • Unclear about where to focus your energy, time and resources to have the biggest impact?
    • Always chasing the next new idea, but never really finding the solution that works?
    • Feeling stressed or easily distracted?
    • Struggling to figure it all out by yourself?
    • Feeling overwhelmed by too many critical tasks slipping through the cracks?
    • Exhausted by the nagging voice of doubt and uncertainty in your head?
    • Experiencing high turnover in your team?
    • Having trouble getting your strategy implemented effectively?
    • Feeling alone at the top and seeking more peer support?


    These are just a few of the many reasons I hear from great people who find themselves struggling to find their leadership mojo. Leading can be challenging. And leading better requires the support of a coach or mentor who can help you see what you can’t yet see from inside your own personal circumstances.


    Here is what we'll work on...

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    Your Unique Executive Mindset

    Discover clarity between managing and leading

    Explore & experiment with your core principles and your “brand” (the way others see you). And, you’ll learn to shift easily between key management & leadership talents, and with that clarity, you’ll learn to avoid the kind of tension and frustration that most people experience when these two get confused.

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    Develop Personalized Leadership Habits

    Habits are automatic and effortless

    effortlessly increase your influence with others and transform your team into a powerhouse of productivity when you develop 8 core habits that research tells us defines a great team leader

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    Leading Your Team Culture

    Discover the 7 Elements of Organic Collaboration

    You will discover a powerful system for developing a high-performing, highly collaborative team culture. When you master the kind of collaborative culture, you'll find that your teams become self-managed in the day-to-day stuff, allowing you to focus more on leading your team’s growth.

  • Nurturing Your Executive Nature is for you if...

    You are new to leading a team

    You have just taken on a new role as a manager or leader and you want support as you transform from your old "individual contributor" role into your new leadership role.


    We'll help you develop the essential leadership skills that great leaders posses so you can be confident and supported fully as you step into your own greatness.

    You are stepping into a bigger scale of impact

    You've been a manager or project leader and are stepping into an entirely different scale of leadership - recently funded startup Founders, newly promoted executives, or a new job where you are being challenged to step up more powerfully than ever before.


    We'll help you show up with powerfully to create a sustainable legacy in your new role.

    You want to renew your focus as a leader

    You've been a manager or business leader for a while, but have perhaps becomes a little complacent or disconnected from your idea


    We'll help you re-connect to your ideal qualities as a leader. The kind that can rejuvenate your experience and the experience of your team.

    You aspire to a promotion and want to stand apart

    You are up for a promotion in a field of other highly qualified candidates and feeling like you need a special advantage to stand out from the competition.


    We'll give you the space, focus and feedback so you can tip the balance in your favor.

  • Program Elements

    This is what you'll experience in this 4-month Leadership Practice

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    Weekly Mastery Topics & Growth Practices

    We'll introduce a brief topic CUSTOMIZED TO YOU each week that will help you build momentum as you practice those new behaviors, attitudes and perspectives that will specifically take you to the next level. These will come to you as emails and/or text messages with links to videos, slides, or documents with supporting content. Each weekly topic will include a 15-30 minute action assignment to help you practice a vital leadership skill, deepen an insight, or implement steps in your customized development program.

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    8 Deep Dive Calls

    Twice each month, we will gather as a community for LIVE group call calls with Michael and selected guest experts will provide an opportunity to explore leadership practices as a community of leaders. These Deep Dive calls will focus on core leadership concepts that take a lifetime to master. Skills like listening, presence, empathy, alignment, and expressing a powerful vision.

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    Private Chat Group and Peer Support

    We will set up a private chat group for group conversations, insights, and shares that you can access 24/7 at your convenience. This is where you can celebrate progress, get peer feedback, engage in conversations around your practices and share insights with others.

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    4 x Strategic Planning Sessions

    Over the course of the program, you will meet 1:1 with us to chart your practice pathway unique to you. During these powerful coaching sessions, we'll identify your specific and unique development focus for the month, and will share resources to help you along your path.

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    Priority Access to Michael

    You'll have priority access to Michael by email, text, phone or Voxer for any urgent issues that arise. When something comes up and you need a sounding board, Michael will be there for you.

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    Optional 1:1 Executive Coaching

    (additional fee)

    For personalized support, ask about our 1:1 Executive Coaching services. Sessions are typically 30 or 60 minute sessions, once or twice monthly. This is ideal if you want to get professional support in developing essential skills, refining your mindset, or having a sounding board for critical business and strategic planning.

  • Special Program Bonus

    a 4-Day Wine & Wisdom Retreat in the California Wine Country

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    Take your leadership even deeper

    $2000 Value FREE when you enroll today!

    Come join us in California's beautiful wine country for an exclusive 4-day Executive Retreat. During this retreat, you will experience a greater depth in your executive nature. You'll connect to other peer leaders sharing a similar path, and we'll have a lot of fun too. And, we will provide tasty, healthy food and lodging (at an exclusive property) at no additional cost to you.

  • ​5 ways that Nurturing Your Executive Nature will transform your, your business and your team

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    Personalized Content

    This is NOT a generic training program. The practices you'll work on are specific to you and your path.

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    Habit-Forming Practices

    We focus on develop core leadership habits that become so deeply ingrained that they become effortless.

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    Experienced Coaching

    Michael brings over 30 years of leadership development expertise

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    Backed by Research & Science

    Our practices are built on a foundation of cognitive psychology, biology and human nature.

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    Fast & Easy Exercises

    Our secret sauce is focusing on small, consistent practices that can be done is just a few minutes every day.

  • Will you join us?

    Come BE Transformed - Together

  • Investment

    Select the option that best fits your needs. And don't worry because our fee is FULLY GUARANTEED. Satisfaction or your money back.

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    Lump Sum

    Pay a one-time lump sum and save $500. And don't worry, your payment is fully guaranteed. If not satisfied, simply request a full refund.

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    Deposit +

    Monthly Payments

    Spread payments over time. We'll even help you identify ways to pay for it with specific business development advice.