• Affiliates, Partners & Advisors

    a few of the people who are helping to grow the people who grow great companies

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    Daniel Weinmann

    Executive Leadership for Non-Technical Founders

    Daniel has launched several successful startups as a Founder, including Catarse, the largest Crowdfunding platform in Latin America​. Daniel is the CEO at seasoned.cc and lives in Brazil.

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    Richard Kielbon

    Innovation Architect

    Richard is passionate about leadership development. He brings over 40 years experience as passionate advocate for innovation and breakthrough thinking. He also happens to be a licensed Architect. Richard lives in Post Falls, Idaho.


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    Lynda Fletcher

    Breakthrough Executive Coach

    Lynda is an Executive Coach and former HR Director. Her passion is to forge mindsets that propel leaders through the roadblocks that sabotage them and launch them to a whole new level of fulfillment in their lives​. Lynda lives in Michigan, USA. Learn more about her HERE.



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    Tobias Badr Oudnia

    Transformational Leadership & Change Management

    Tobias is an outstanding change management consultant, innovator and Entrepreneur who brings his passion for leadership to our team in many ways. Tobias is also the Head of Innovation Lab at Eprimo GMBH and Transformation Specialist at Innogy and lives in Frankfurt Germany.